If one of the "underdogs" of the animal shelter world is the mixed-breed black dog, then black American Pit Bull Terriers are the ultimate underdogs. Sadly, over the last several decades “Pit Bulls” have gone from being the family pet of choice to facing wide spread breed discrimination.  Damaging myths, exploitive owners and breeders and a media culture that is only too willing to escalate fears have created a hostile environment for this wonderful breed.

To counter the negative breed perceptions several rescue organizations such as BAD RAP, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Farm Foundation, A Rotta Love Plus, Downtown Dog Rescue and others who champion Pit Bulls and “bully breeds” are working to change the distorted image of these wonderful dogs.

At the same time, public bias fueled by myths and misinformation remains high.  American Pit Bull Terriers or those with “Pit Bull-like characteristics” are targeted for euthanasia at alarming rates.  Deadly and damaging myths result in an untold number of shelter deaths every year for Pit Bulls Terriers as well as dogs believed to possess “bully breed” characteristics.

If after educating yourself you decide that adopting an American Pit Bull Terrier or another bully breed if it is right for you, you will be surely be saving a life. If the dog you adopt also happens to be a black dog, they likely had even higher odds stacked against them.

The following links offer excellent resources regarding Pit Bull breed information, common myths, Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) information, resources for owners and much more:

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